Quality Assurance

The exam committee members are accomplished expert music instructors and professional musicians that are recognized inside and outside of Thailand. The exam committee assesses in the name the Thailand International Music Examination and every member of the committee will make assessment in their area of expertise. 

The qualifications of the exam committee members include graduating from at least the undergraduate level in music or an equivalent degree; having a certificate of experience in professional teaching, attending academic seminars, or performing at an international level; and knowing the body of knowledge and having the capability to develop a high number of students to be able to pass the exams in the program of the Thailand International Music Examination.

Before being able to grade the exams, all of the exam committee members need to pass an internship with a high score. This internship includes lectures, demonstrations, and practice to give the training needed for the position of exam committee member.    

The Thailand International Music Examination will appoint a senior committee chair to be the head of the exam committee. This person will take responsibility to ensure that the committee members follow academic standards, standards of training, and the development of assessment.

The exam committee will be checked every year by considering their exam assessment reports and the written critical assessment by the exam committee chair. 

Finally, there is an annual workshop for test examiners to optimize skills and the use of assessment standards.